DEVA Broadcast Ltd.
 April, 2020
 DEVA Broadcast Factory Fully Operational
At a time when the world is faced with a challenge of such gravity and magnitude, we, at DEVA Broadcast, recognize the need to continue providing reliable solutions to our customers. Thanks to our established policy of long-term planning, we have managed to avoid any product shortages and our team continues to work, as dedicated as ever to bringing top-quality equipment to the market.
In these uncertain times, we believe in maintaining stability and dependability. We have kept the high standards in our manufacturing and supply process, while continuing to prioritize the well-being of everyone involved.
We would like to once again stress the importance of observing the rules imposed by governments and we hope that by doing so everyone will play their part in the fight against this global threat. Our team is committed to strictly adhering to the prescribed measures necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic and we would like to assure our colleagues and clients that the company remains fully operational throughout this unprecedentedly difficult period.
DEVA Broadcast is an international communications and high-technology company which serves the broadcast and corporate markets worldwide. It is dedicated to the research, design, development and provision of the best products, systems, solutions and services. The company was established in 1997 and is nowadays known as a market leader and an international provider of user-friendly, cost-effective and innovative broadcast products. DEVA Broadcast has been developing and producing a wide range of Modulation Monitors, Remote Controls, Off-Air Monitoring Receivers, RDS/RBDS Encoders and Decoders and other systems for the Broadcast Industry. For more than two decades of intensive software and hardware development, we have achieved a unique price-performance and endurance of our product lines. All our products are developed and produced in accordance with the latest ISO 9001 quality control standards.
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