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 July, 2016
 DB64-FM Launched
DEVA Broadcast has long been known as a company steeped in the tradition of bringing you affordable quality in its top-notch products. A reputation for innovative technology and clever solutions has been growing, sustained by achievements brought about through dedication and professionalism. Determined to maintain that tradition, DEVA is now proud to announce the arrival of a further extension to its product range – the DB64-FM – Budget 4-Band FM Radio Processor. Advertised as an outstanding blend between dependability and functionality, this truly is DEVA’s most cost-effective, yet reliable device that guarantees performance beyond your expectations.
The DB64-FM is appropriate for all LPFMs and the perfect clarity of sound is achieved due to the 4-band stereo generator with Fidelity and Sound Impact System. It has an all-digital DSP-based design, advanced wide band AGC, FM controlled distortion limiter, analog and digital audio outputs and two independent composite MPX outputs. DB64-FM also detects signal loss and automatically switches over to a backup feed.
The DB64-FM is indeed unparalleled in the broadcasting industry, bringing together all the features you would need in an audio processing tool. A bargain at a sensational price, it redefines the notion of quality and proves that performance can really be affordable.
 DB91 Series Already Shipping
Out of the new products released by DEVA so far, the DB91 models have undoubtedly proven among the most popular, with inquiries and orders pouring in due to the huge customer interest. The DB91-TX and the DB91-RX are well on their way to becoming two of DEVA’s best established products on the market, and rightly so. Taking the features of the DB90 series to the next level, these tools bring you advanced capabilities coupled with the hallmark DEVA quality. We are therefore delighted to report that the first orders are already shipping to their destinations after a tremendously successful first production run, with a number of our customers set to assess first-hand the technical advantages of the series. In the meantime, orders keep coming in to assert these brand new devices as firm favorites among our clients. We are confident that the DB91-TX and the DB91-RX will fully meet your demands and show exactly why the DEVA brand is associated with optimal operation and immaculate performance all over the world.
DEVA Broadcast is an international communications and high-technology company which serves the broadcast and corporate markets worldwide. It is dedicated to the research, design, development and provision of the best products, systems, solutions and services. The company was established in 1997 and is nowadays known as a market leader and an international provider of user-friendly, cost-effective and innovative broadcast products. DEVA Broadcast has been developing and producing a wide range of Modulation Monitors, Remote Controls, Off-Air Monitoring Receivers, RDS/RBDS Encoders and Decoders and other systems for the Broadcast Industry. For more than two decades of intensive software and hardware development, we have achieved a unique price-performance and endurance of our product lines. All our products are developed and produced in accordance with the latest ISO 9001 quality control standards.

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